Brows By Sarah: Advice on Better Brows in Four Weeks
Brows By Sarah: Advice on Better Brows in Four Weeks

Some of us brush them up, some of us glue them down. We tint them, thread them, tattoo them. The list is endless.

But one thing all of us have in common is wanting our brows to look full and flawless.

Metro spoke to our founder, celebrity brow stylist, Sarah Amelia Fogg, to get the ultimate tips for how to get stunning brows in just four weeks.

t’s so tempting to sit and pluck at your eyebrows for ages, meticulously tugging at every out-of-place hair.

But this can quickly lead to overly thin brows.

Sarah said: ‘We’ve all heard advice from those who went through the 90’s skinny brow trend to leave the tweezers alone – and they’re not wrong as it is easy to get carried away.

‘Plucking is great for removing any strays, but never get too tweezer-happy with the body of your brow.’

She added: ‘On average, eyebrow hair grows quite slowly and will increase in length around 0.14 millimetres every day.

‘However the amount of time it takes for your brows to grow back will depend on the level of trauma and inflammation the follicles have been subjected to by plucking.

‘A healthy follicle will take around three to four weeks to become visible, and another 4 weeks until it has fully regrown.

‘Again, this could take longer if you’ve damaged the follicle by plucking other other hair removal methods such as waxing.

‘If you want to have fluffy brows by Christmas, I recommend using a brow regrowth serum like my Wow Brow 3in1 growth serum, to help improve the condition of the skin and follicles, as well as encourage growth.’

Figure out the best brow shape for your face

While you might see a celeb’s brows and want yours shaped exactly like theirs, just remember they probably look great because they properly frame their face.

What looks great one someone else may not look great on you and vice versa.

Sarah said: ‘Whatever look you’re going for, remember that our brows are extremely personal – it’s not “one size fits all” and it’s certainly not about simply picking a style and sticking with it.

‘We all have different needs and, of course, certain shapes and colours suit different faces. I always say the natural arch of your brow is a great indicator for what shape will suit your face shape.

‘I’d also recommend picking a colour that is a shade or two lighter than the natural colour of your brows.

‘If you like the defined look, go for one shade slightly darker. With this look, don’t add any colour to the end of your brow, overextending the tail end of your eyebrow, as this can draw your face down

‘Also avoid an arch that is too pointy or over-exaggerated and instead focus on a simple and smooth curve – essentially, less is more.’

Start at your tail and work inwards

We see countless influencers on TikTok and Instagram drawing their brows on from the inner to the outer corner, so naturally we’ve been doing the same.

Well, we won’t beat around the bush… we’ve all been doing it wrong.

‘People tend to shape their brows by starting at the inner brow and then work towards the tail,’ said Sarah.

‘I recommend doing the opposite – start lightly at the tail and work inwards.

‘Doing this can help you work with the natural shape of your brow, keep it looking fluffy and help you avoid applying too much product. Less is definitely more when it comes to applying brow products.’

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