Wow Brow


Introducing a 3 in 1 brow product with a regrowth property that instantly adds colour to your brow hair whilst adding immediate definition with the built-in brow sculpt.

Espresso & Mocha (2 colour choices )

Espresso: a rich dark brown colour suitable for darker brows or anyone wanting a stronger/ darker coverage.

Mocha: a warm brown suitable for blondes/ anyone wanting a more subtle coverage.

Clinically proven, naturally derived and scientifically engineered. A revolutionary brow enhancing & thickening serum with the choice of two pigments that instantly intensifies each individual hair for an immediate effect, whilst reactivating hair growth.

 DIRECTIONS: Apply to your brows with the mascara wand and add instant colour to define & sculpt your brow hair. Use with or without makeup daily to condition & reactivate brow growth to the weak or sparse areas.

 Directions for use


Wow Brow can be used with or without makeup but if applying with makeup be sure to apply at the end of your makeup routine to get the full effect of the colour & sculpt. Apply with the brow wand gently brushing in an upwards direction, starting at the bulb of the brow and making your way to the tail. Gently follow your natural growth pattern with the wand to create a sharp tail, but continue brushing upwards for a more ‘laminated’ effect.


When applied daily Wow Brow reactivates brow growth, whilst stimulating keratin production and strengthening weak & sparse brow hairs. Rich in botanical extracts & peptides this 3 in 1 product will not only promote hair growth but keep your brows looking & feeling healthy but keep them sculpted & lifted at the same time.

All vegan & cruelty free.