Sarah Makes National News With Her Brow Expertise
Sarah Makes National News With Her Brow Expertise

Brows By Sarah founder Sarah Fogg has been interviewed by Britain’s biggest newspaper,The Sun about the biggest mistakes people make with maintaining their brows, and how to create the perfect brow.

Sarah says you should always follow the natural shape of your arch but if you’re not sure where to start she says this simple tip will help.

She explains: “You can find yours by angling a pencil along the bridge of your nose across the eye, and at the point where it hits the brow bone is your arch.”

The brow expert warns starting the arch too close to the centre of your face can make you look angry.

It’s important to remember when drawing your arch that it’s not a ‘one size fits all.’

She adds it’s best to avoid an over-exaggerated arch or one that is too pointy.

Instead, when drawing your eyebrows on, follow the natural arch of your brow, making a smooth curve.

Sarah explains this will help create a more natural look and compliment your face shape best.

To keep your brows looking natural, Sarah adds: “Use a pencil to lightly fill in sparse spots in the brow line – lightly hold the pencil (this is key) and draw hair strokes in the areas that need it.”

You can always go back in with a spoolie brush to soften out any harsh lines.

To help people maintain their brows at home, Sarah has designed her own Brows By Sarah products, and recommends her Wow Brow (£39.00) to add colour and define brows.

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