More National Coverage – Metro interview
More National Coverage – Metro interview

Brows By Sarah founder and beauty expert Sarah Amelia Fogg was recently interviewed by national news publication Metro, about the growing trend for plucking your own brows, DIY disasters and how to pluck your brows effectively!

In the comprehensive beauty article by writer Jessica Lindsay in this week’s Metro, Sarah explains: “As much as I love a naturally fluffy brow, I can’t deny that celebrities like Bella Hadid look stunning with a slim defined brow.

Whatever look you’re going for, remember that our brows are extremely personal – it’s not ‘one size fits all’. Brow trends change a lot quicker than your brows can so I think it’s important to wear your brows in a way that works best for you.

“We all have different needs and certain shapes and colours suit different faces. When doing brows at home, remember to consider what best compliments your face shape, you want to follow the natural arch of your brow at all times – especially when aiming for a “natural” brow look.

“Always remember to keep the bulb of the brow super soft getting stronger towards the tail, this will result in the most natural looking brow.”

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