Fluff It Up


Super lightweight but strong clear gel that lifts, fixes & sculpts brows instantly.

Contains anti-ageing benefits to firm & hydrate the skin.

DIRECTIONS: Fluff It Up can be used with or with or without makeup but if using with makeup be sure to use it at the end of your routine to get the full effect of the sculpt & lift. Apply with the brow wand gently brushing in an upwards direction, starting at the bulb of the brow, making your way to the tail.

Gently follow your natural growth pattern with the want to create a sharp tail, but continue to brush upwards throughout the whole brow for a more ‘laminated’ or ‘fluffy” effect. If using alongside our “Wow Brow” be sure to use this last as this will give a longer-lasting hold to keep those brows looking full & fluffy.

This super lightweight gel will fix & sculpt your brows instantly, whilst treating your skin with a complex combination of plant extracts that improves skin elasticity & encourages collagen production.

Vegan & cruelty free.


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