Lioness Chloe Kelly & Her World Class EyeBrows
Lioness Chloe Kelly & Her World Class EyeBrows

England women’s football team forward Chloe Kelly was a star player during the Fifa Women’s World Cup competition.

The 25-year-old player scored in England’s 6–1 defeat of China and she also scored England’s winning penalty in the Round of 16 shootout against Nigeria. Fans were cheering her on as she and the rest of the team made history to make it all the way to the Women’s World Cup final – which sadly saw England loose to Spain in the last match of the competition.

Chloe, who plays for Manchester City, was a star player in the semi final match against Australia which saw England win 3-1.

Details of Chloe’s beauty regime have been shared in the past – with our very own founder and celebrity brow artist Sarah Amelia Fogg – explaining that the England player enjoys having semi permanent Ombré brow shaping.

In a recent story in the Daily Mirror, Sarah explains: “Ombré brows are a semi-permanent brow treatment that involves tiny dots of pigment being airbrushed into the skin with a micro needle to create a soft shadow behind your natural hair growth.

“This gives the most natural results and is suitable for all skin types. The term ombré means that the bulb of the brow is much softer than the tail to create the natural gradient of colour, giving a super natural and fluffy look.”

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