More National Press for Brows By Sarah
More National Press for Brows By Sarah

The Founder of Brows By Sarah Sarah Amelia Fogg, has shared the makeup do’s and don’t throughout the decades for readers of The Sun Newspaper – alerting them to how they could be emphasising wrinkles and adding years to their appearance.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun’s renowned Fashion & Beauty supplement – Fabulous Magazine , Sarah says the twenties stands tall as the risk-taker decade because they’re full of unique makeup hacks and iffy trends – the main one in her opinion being bleached brows.

Sarah launched Brows By Sarah five years ago and has many famous clients including Denise WelchLove Island‘s Olivia AttwoodEngland Lioness Chloe Kelly and actresses Jen Metcalfe, Faye Brookes and Sally Dynevor, said: “While brows are usually the safe space of makeup as they define and shape your whole face, many celebrities in their twenties have recently enjoyed bleaching them, such as sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.”

Sarah goes on to say how women in their 20’s have always been experimental and notes that the rise of TikTok and other social media has encouraged this risk-taking, trend-driven era. 

However, she adds that although she always encourages individuality and personality within your makeup, she doesn’t recommend trying the bleached brow trend.

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