Why Good Brows Are Better Than a Facelift
Why Good Brows Are Better Than a Facelift

The resident beauty expert for The Daily Telegraph, Jan Masters, recommends Wow Brow Pencil as one of her ‘must haves’ to give yourself a natural, DIY eyebrow makeover at home.

In her latest renowned beauty column for the broadsheet, titled: ‘why good brows are better than a facelift’, she discusses how groomed brows can instantly shave the years off.

She explains: ‘In our youth, brows are naturally fuller, becoming sparser and loosing colour as we get older. I have forsworn over plucking , by filling them out instead.’

In research by Frontiers in Psychology, the faces of hundreds of women between the ages of 20 and 80 were computer analysed for facial contrast, ie how much their eyes, lips and brows stood out.

The study not only found facial contrast, particularly around the mouth and brows, decreases with maturity, regardless of ethnicity, it also revealed it was a cross cultural visual cue for perceived age. In other words; greater contrast – for example, intensified brows, can make you appear younger.

To help you define and sculpt your eyebrows better she recommends Brows By Sarah’s new Wow Brow Pencil which is cruely free & vegan, and comes in three universal eyebrow shades: Latte, Mocha and Espresso.

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Jan suggests: ‘ if your brows are light then just darken them by a degree, and if they are already dark then match your shade or even go a bit lighter.’

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