Brow Expert Sarah Gives Brow Trend Opinions for Irish Media

The fluffy brows trend is here to stay, and Goss IE one of the biggest Irish showbiz online platforms spoke ~Brows By Sarah Founder Sarah Amelia Fogg, about how to perfect the look.

She shared her top tip to the Irish press on achieving a full and natural brow that will help define your face.

She said: “My favourite look is fluffy brows and I’ve spent years perfecting the perfect natural but fluffy brow. They are all the rage this year and here’s hoping they stay for a long time too!”

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Sarah continued: “My first tip is to brush your brows up – this is the key to getting that fluffy texture to the brow. I also recommend using a clean brush or spoolie to do so and really work them up to give as much volume as you can.”

“If you find that the brows are a bit sparse at this stage, then take the time to fill in the gaps – this again will add to the full and fluffy look. You can use a strong clear gel that lifts, fixes & sculpts brows and can also use a brow mascara with the colour that suits you.”

“Always follow the direction your brows naturally take as you fill in any hairs. When using the wand or a clear gel, focus mostly on the area that needs defining the most – keep the front of the brow fluffy and not too full of product.”

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