Expert Opinion Feature in Marie Claire
Expert Opinion Feature in Marie Claire

Brows by Sarah founder and celebrity brow expert, Sarah Amelia Fogg, was invited to contribute to a specialist beauty feature by monthly glossy; Marie Claire Magazine.

The article, features a few of the U.K.s best known and respected skin and beauty experts, and offers readers advice how to prevent and treat spots after waxing.

As summer is only a heartbeat away, post-wax bumps become many a person’s enemy!

As well as useful tips how to prevent breakouts after leg or bikini waxes, experts including Sarah, offer suggestions specifically for the face.

“if you have had your brows waxed, avoid any extreme heat such as hot showers, baths and saunas for 48 hours as sweating can worsen the breakout. This is because the bacteria can get into your open pores after waxing,” warns Sarah.

“I always recommend leaving your brows untouched for a good few days after waxing, as this will let them properly heal and settle. At most, a clear brow gel such as my hero product Fluff It Up will tidy and groom the brows while letting them get back to normal.

Bows By Sarah Fluff It Up is a super lightweight and strong clear gel that lifts, fixes & sculpts brows instantly. 100% vegan and cruelty free the product also contains anti-ageing benefits to firm & hydrate the skin.

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